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Our team of engineers are experienced and experts in use of computer aided design, latest BIM platform to deliver most efficient and reliable structural design solutions as well as civil engineering designs. We also carry out structural integrity tests on existing buildings and produce reports offering advice on needs for retrofitting or any modifications. We supervise projects to monitor control and performance of contractors to strictly adhere to the highest quality standards while offering workable design solutions on site.

We offer solutions in built environment through project planning, design, supervision, commissioning and handover involving various professionals with expertise and experience in built environment. We are professional in delivery of projects where we deploy certified project managers to keep the goal of delivering our projects on time, within the budget and to meet the client expectations in the defined scope. We monitor project progress and advice all project stakeholders on the key aspects of the project under delivery based on all performance metrics.

Please interact with us and let us know how we can walk you realize your dreams in built environment

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Cost of Building a Swimming Pool in Kenya.

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Counties should also have a county engineer's department which should check all engineering drawings.



Sanitation for all is possible by 2030. The need for a proper system becomes very obvious.



Ensure quality of works to prevent building collapse.

Structural Design

We design in steel, concrete, masonry, timber among other materials.

Remodels and Expansion

We work with homeowners in our evaluation and analysis of existing structures in remodeling and expansion

Structural Investigations

Our structural engineers will carry out non-destructive tests and write structural reports.

Civil Works

We design and supervise all building associated civil works e.g Access roads, Storm works and Sewer works

Project Management

Initial concept, feasibility, risk assessment, schedule preparation, pre-planning, resource forecasting and operations

Civil Structural Design

We provide optimized structural design solutions ensuring safety, functionality, economy and sustainability

Project Management

We provide professional project management services from inception, planning, design, implementation, handing over and commissioning

Site Supervision

CengProm Services Ltd has extensive experience in supervision of structural civil works of all kinds to adhere to design and specifications during implementation

Civil Structural design

We deliver our design on the latest BIM platform.

Master Plan Development

We deliver integrated facilities and infrastructure support planning

Construction Project Management

We deploy certified project managers to deliver infrastructure projects

Why you can rely with 100% confidence ON CengProm Engineering Services.

Innovative Problem Solving

We offer innovative design solutions that are easy to implement. We break down the most complex theoretical basis of engineering design to a form that can be understood by the foreman on site and the layman.


We believe in constituting professional project teams using the latest technology in BIM for team collaboration and ensure value delivery to our clients.

Experience and Expertise

We offer well-resourced teams for the task so that collaboratively projects are delivered with a touch of excellence and exceptionalism.

Let's wow you!

Ready to take it a step further? Interact with us and let us know how we can walk you realize your dreams in the built environment.

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